10 things girls need to know about lasting relationships!

1. A relationship works by itself, once you found the right person all you need to do is to be you and everything will just be great! No, of course you don’t have to work on it, be smart and let your partner do all the work!!!

2. Prince charming is waiting out there, just for the right moment to come in your life and sweep you off your feet! You don’t need to do anything, just pray he will come on a white horse, and as the years go by, remember even a limping one eyed donkey will do! For transportation that’s what I mean!

3. Love is all you need to have a successful relationship. Once you’re together for life, the earth will move, fireworks will explode and you’ll make love every single night! And be aware if your partner really loved you and cared about you, he would instinctively know how you feel, and what you want and need to be happy!

4. If it feels right it is, I mean if it feels right for YOU of course, never consider how your partner will feel or have to say, quit thinking that much, go and get it, at the end of the day it’s your life and the relationship is all about you, isn’t it?

5. Your partner role in your relationship is to make you happy, they have been born to rescue you from unhappiness, and give you meaning and purpose to your life!

6. Once you found the right person , please completely forget about your friends, who needs friends anymore, dump them, you have the love of your life to focus on now, so:

– Completely blow them off for previously made plans.

– Refuse to answer their efforts at communication (text, email, phone, etc).

– Get angry with them for trying to get in touch.

7. Expect your partner to always be there to fulfill your wishes. Remember you should always have what you want because you’re worth it! And even if he has to give up on everything is important for him to get it, especially then, he should do it for you, after all you are more important than anything else, aren’t you?

8. If your partner ever makes a mistake, never forgive, never, and make sure you will remember it always, make sure to remind him every day for the rest of his life, if not you who else would do it?

9. Possessiveness and jealousy are the biggest signs of love. And you don’t want to be in a relationship that is OUT of love, do you? So make sure you put in enough of that and add some drama queen staff, men absolutely love this!

10. Never focus on what you can do to make things right, always remember what your partner did to make things wrong.

Now if all this fail try this:
guide-to-lasting-relationships-woman (1)

83 thoughts on “10 things girls need to know about lasting relationships!

      1. atlanticcus says:

        I think the same thing exactly the same goes for both sexes. I would make this as a mandatory reading for every male before he turns 18 and repeat it as mantra.

  1. jessica raven says:

    hahaha, at first I was like, “WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?!” but then I got to #3 and realized it was a joke.

    I LOVE the image at the bottom though. And, maybe it’s not the key to a successful relationship, but it’s the story of my life right now, haha, so I may steal that for my blog.

  2. Ned's Blog says:

    This was really terrific, H. Funny, and yet everything on that list was essential. And I have to say, I cracked up with the List of Five at the end. Had to read it to my wife! She laughed a little too hard, though, which concerns me… 😉

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha you made me lol…. Ben the thing is you don’t need to move the Earth to find one, but you might want to move away from Earth afterwards!

  3. teeceecounsel says:

    Slightly strange and funny too. Funny enough, the world can really be amazing when you are slightly strange.
    The best way to have the best from life is to be the best of yourself!
    Lovely post!

  4. duncanr says:

    “Find a man who makes you laugh”

    Women are always laughing at me – but they’re not queueing up to form a relationship

    What am I doing wrong? 😆

  5. priya24y says:

    This post in so ways is absolutely hilarious but i have a opposition cos this post talks about several other couples and most of us as humans who when find love just become that other person and we stop seeing or completely ignoring other people in our lives like our family and friends which you said in your 7th point. Me and my friend were talking about it a few days earlier, that this is what, going out of balance in relationships is, your so much into this one person and when this one person goes or something bad happens your world just comes crashing down because you make them your world so much and anything extreme or out of balance is sure going to backfire.

    i don’t know what your perspective might be on this.

  6. Rambling Eve says:

    This made me laugh (really loud!), at first I thought “Seriously?…” then I saw the guide and realized I just needed one, number 6 – it is easier. You made my day 🙂

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