I am too happy to write!

rock sculpture
Isn’t it funny the way it works, I mean this writing thing, when I am really happy I cannot write, I don’t want to write, I can’t be bothered, especially if it’s about …significant, important things!

Give me storm, give me tornadoes inside, give me maddening confusion, give me overflowing emotions, and I soon start and everything comes out easy!

I guess I am just trying to say I am really happy, and I feel it’s not fair not to be able to share this as well but all I want is to go out and enjoy my happiness, and I don’t care why I am happy, don’t want to analyze it! I just am and it’s great and I want to indulge in it!

I guess I’ll have to make myself miserable somehow if I want to keep this blog, or I have to find a way….

When do you find it easier to write?

70 thoughts on “I am too happy to write!

  1. busymindthinking says:

    Great perspective! For me it isn’t about mood when I write, as much as things just jump out at me and scream, I need to be said. This is a great post! You are writing exactly as you should, honest with yourself. I admire that.

  2. Abby says:

    That’s so funny–I have the opposite problem! I can’t write when I’m sad or sick or feeling depressed about my life; writing just makes me feel worse instead of better.

  3. Ed Mahoney says:

    There is something to the emotional muse, but I find I just need experience. If I run an event or go for an epic hike, I’m charged for multiple blog posts the following week.

    1. H! says:

      Ed you are right, I think I should have mentioned also, when nothing important happens, 🙂 but of course it’s not to be taken literally! I like the “charged” thing! Thanks!

    1. H! says:

      I am happy you are happy that I’m happy, …….balance the rocks… when you are happy you can … balance a lot of stuff! By the way I would be happy if you are happy too! 🙂

  4. shoe1000 says:

    What if?
    What if my life got so “good,” that I had to change my focus from whatever it is at that time to the next area I am supposed to move into? Would I feel sad that I was not “doing,” the thing I loved and thought I “needed” to do? Or would I say, I am going to miss you all and will stay connected to you through your writings, but Ggod said it is time for me to CHANGE.
    Whatever the answer, the true gift is making my path.
    Love your words.
    Be well whatever you “do.”

    1. H! says:

      What if?…. Thank you for your words, makes you think…. I will always do what I feel and not because I have to or I “need” too! 🙂

  5. esthersword says:

    This is hilarious, I hear you. My blogging began when tragedy struck, as I look back through the posts most of them are through sorrow, but I write through awesome moments too. This post of yours shows you do blog during happiness As well. Keep going, enjoy your writing 😉

  6. JJBollOX says:

    Hi 🙂 I’m an opposite, or am I? You see I cannot write when I am most emotionally involved in a negative way. Yet I agree that when things are full and great, maybe not then either? Ed Mahoney says it well that he writes with charge from his own participation and sense of doing. I need a balance. An involvement, positive or negative and time to reflect and well a fire under my ass to prevent procrastination and doing all and any other things. Bizarre isn’t it. I love writing yet I put so many excuses in the way. I love taking exercise, three days have passed. I love cooking, experimenting with new food. I’ll just have (another) pizza? Bizarre? Mental! I guess that I need to feel empowered in myself. Writing gives me that, a sense of actually doing and improving. Like the serotonin levels increased in physical exercise. So what STOPS us continually creating these environments?

    1. H! says:

      Pheww JJ, this is too complex for my happiness and laziness right now! 🙂 I’ll give serious consideration later…. ha ha ha …this is the pattern …. Mental indeed!!! We should write something about it 😉

  7. bikerchick57 says:

    I have no rhyme or reason for the moments when I find it easier to write. My blogs come when something is in my head wants to get out and I can’t refuse. I can be happy, sad or somewhere in between. The subject matter seems to create itself, whether it’s writing about cats, family, friends, or my eating habits.

    I’m glad you’re happy today!

  8. bgddyjim says:

    I have my good days and my bad so I always have three or four posts started so that when I hit a bad skid I can just pull one out, dust it off and finish it. 😉

  9. Taylor says:

    I agree with you for the most part! Except, for me, I find it hard to write when I’m happy, but that is when I feel like I should write. I want to say so many things, but the words just won’t come out. And when I’m upset, angry, with myself, with the world, the words flow like lava, but it is much harder for me to sit down and get them out. Once I bring myself to write while upset, I am able to go for hours. It’s frustrating to not have words when happy. It’s also frustrating to have inspirational words when I am in a negative state of mind- it makes me feel like a hypocrite!

  10. duellmedicalsupply says:

    I try to be happy all the time, when I am sad or confused I ask God for understanding and his guidance and some how life is better so you can write about anything you want life is great and fun just live for the moment we are in peace May God Bles you and keep you writing

  11. personalpilot says:

    You go girl! Have fun, enjoy all there is at the moment to enjoy, and spread it around. Your brilliant writing will come through whenever you feel like it… and be appreciated for whatever you share!

  12. Shelli@How'sitgoingeh? says:

    Haha! Nice! I write to keep my family + friends updated on all the adventures that I’m conjuring up. Sometimes it feels like homework – but it’s true, once I start typing, I keep on going! Happy for your happiness!!!

  13. Kim Rdz says:

    I also find it hard to write when happy. When I was in school and was awkward and miserable, I would write poetry and short stories all the time. Once I found my husband and happiness I have a really hard time finding inspiration to write.

  14. kissingthedust says:

    I love to write…anytime! But, I find I can switch gears easily- going from trying to keep focused on my blog regarding Eve, and then something happening and finding I need to write about “the church” and how we are failing miserably – I then usually offend someone…sigh…keep silent…or not, that is the question…:)

  15. romychachere says:

    My problem is I have so many thoughts and ideas on both sides of emotions but I just can’t ever seem to put the pen to the paper and before I know it I am on to the next thought with nothing written out…..One of these days! Enjoy your Happiness 🙂

  16. EagleAye says:

    Good for you. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Just go out and soak up that good feeling up. I stopped trying to understand those inexplicable bouts of feeling good. Trying to understand it usually kills it. I don’t question it anymore.

  17. Miss Misfit says:

    Try to write when you are happy because you a very fun person and you always share interesting thoughts. I like to wake up on Sunday, throw open my windows and sit on my bed and kill it before anything else happens in my day…

  18. leelabee89 says:

    I’ve noticed that when I’m bothered by a situation, the words seem to pour out of me with no effort at all. I ca write when I’m happy as well, it just takes a while for it to come out, lol!

  19. Dagny says:

    Nowadays I write no matter what I am going through- whether I am happy or sad. Earlier, I couldn’t write if I was too happy… so I can relate to your post.

  20. littlemisswordy says:

    This is great. I’ve learned the words really flow when emotion is involved for me, whether good or bad. I think that is why I tend to write stories based on personal experiences. I don’t believe I’ve ever written a piece that didn’t share a piece of my heart. Having said that, I can’t imagine writing something completely fictional for that very reason. Glad to have come across your blog.

  21. Vicky DeCoster says:

    I think we all struggle with this from time to time, but you will learn to trust your inner-voice. When it is time to write, she will tell you. It’s as simple as that. Don’t ever let anyone tell you how often you should write. Only you know that. When life is lived to the fullest, the writing will follow. We are all supporting you!

  22. captainwilko says:

    Passion comes in many different forms, for me personally, I struggle to write unless i feel a strong connection to the topic, I often get stuck between spontanious bursts of writing as apposed to other times having to really come to grips with what im trying to say, when im happy my writing becomes very unstructured whereas when im angry or direct my language reflects that through precise language, emotion plays the biggest role!

  23. rememberyoumustlive says:

    I think writing affects my mood more than my mood affects my writing. I get super frustrated and upset in my real life when I have any kind of writers block, but I need to have strong feelings about a thing before I’m excited to write. I think I write best when I’m just the right mix of happy and indignant 😠😊

  24. Tami says:

    When I feel passionate about something! I’ll think for awhile, if it’s still on mind a day or so later then I need to write!

  25. aregularcupofjo says:

    I can relate to this. When I am having a good day and just enjoying life, I feel like my brain hit a brick wall. But if something is really bothering me or on my mind, it seems like words just flow out of my fingers and I can write a book on it. I need to really be passionate about something to write a great piece on it.

  26. Die reis says:

    I can relate with this. If I feel bad, I want to let the bad out of me by writing. If I feel good, I just want to keep it inside, I don’t want to let any of the good get out. 🙂

  27. silverliner98 says:

    Sometimes words cannot express our true happiness. Sometimes it is safer to keep our happiness to ourselves, since there are those who will try to find the one negative thing to make us second guess our happiness. Either way, I am happy for you.

  28. scottishmomus says:

    Great blog. I know exactly what you mean about writing when you feel good about life. For long enough I thought that maybe all I was doing was filling paper with teenage angst! (Many moons ago.) I think though that I find writing therapeutic and I get to shoot my mouth off. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep writing, however you find the motive.x

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