How I’ve got into running or one visit to the psychiatrist!

girl running in rain

I knew it would have been a good idea to have those sessions at the psychiatrist, when one day walking down the street daydreaming about the perfect anatomy of that blue eyed Olympic swimmer last night on TV, my ordinary, impeccable cadence was brutally interrupted by this awesome girl smiling back to me from a wall, looking incredibly confident and great…and I said to myself I wonder who is she… must be famous,…must be … and then getting closer I realized is my reflexion from the shop window!!!

Of course all of us from time to time need advice from…qualified people, and someone to listen to us, especially when you have many voices talking in your head! But the most worrying voice was Justin Bieber, in my brain, can you believe it? And I never listened to Justin Bieber, don’t even know who Justin Bieber is…
So I said to myself it’s time for me to put my brain in capable hands and pay them to make me feel important, make me feel I matter !!!

So one day I dressed up nicely, and to help boost confidence, I was even wearing my thigh high stockings with a small lace on top!!!

Oh man was I ready… was I ready to be sculpted into what everyone expects, into what everyone likes and admires!!!

I realized it was something wrong when I felt a tickling sensation right up my upper part of my thigh …quite nice sensation I have to be honest!
I thought it was just my imagination ‘building’ one of those dreams … , so I got out of the taxi and the sensation became more intense …no it’s definitely not that time of the month, it’s not the taxi driver, he would not be able to make me release any…. bodily fluids not even if I would have lived in a monastery full of bald eunuchs for the last 10 years!

And then I saw him, looking at me like I just got out naked from a space ship!! Sickmind bloody Fraud was sitting there, ready to dissect my brain and turn it into the perfect moulded, smoothed sponge ready to absorb any bullshit society will sell!

I wasn’t ready, no way, so I started to run, run away, and I was fast, rain on my face, tarmac squeaking under my feet, I was running like a gazelle chased by a vegetarian cheetah turned into a carnivore over night! And it felt so good, I felt free, my brain flooded with happiness, short circuiting the guilt , I felt so free!!!

Next thing I know I was laying on the street with people around me, with their mouths opened and with my thigh high stocking twisted around my ankle!

But I knew, I was in love, in love with running!
running as a drug!

52 thoughts on “How I’ve got into running or one visit to the psychiatrist!

  1. markharwoodwriter says:

    Somehow running gives me a high I crave even while it burns, aches…sucks. I’ve never been one to play sports, really, and I don’t stick with too many physical activities – I’ll just try them out from time to time. But running is, for some reason, majorly addictive. Good post!

  2. peakperspective says:

    I admire anyone who can willing rev up the desire to run for fun and fitness. Sadly, my legs turn to concrete after about sixty seconds and I start tasting bright spots of copper in the back of my mouth. I’m sure it must be internal bleeding. So I’ve developed a personal mantra: any time I get the urge to run, I sit down until it passes.
    But for you … Go Girl!!

  3. makingthislifesweet says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on my first ever 5K. I’m hoping to start feeling that high that I hear runner’s get when they finish a race…or even when they finish a good run. I’m starting to train tomorrow for my first 10K in May! Here’s to hoping that I finish strong!

  4. Charron's Chatter says:

    Great post. And huge truth in it! No matter how you lace it, running soothes your bellums like nobody’s business–both releasing endorphins and bridging the cortices (for the creative process) and then the satori thing? Mind meeting motion? Fuggeddaboutit. Running rocks–I have been at it damn near my whole life. Signed–Forrest, Forrest Gump 😉

  5. papa_rod says:

    I miss running…and biking….and climbing! I have figured out what H! stands for…HAWT!! LOL!

    Really enjoying your posts…

  6. norfolkfiona says:

    Ha ha – love the post! Maybe, had I taken up running, I would have been able to avoid a lot of trouble I’ve gotten myself into to get the fluids going.. 😉

  7. julienmatei says:

    “Sickmind bloody Fraud ” – God in heaven, it´s so crazily original and “I was running like a gazelle chased by a vegetarian cheetah turned into a carnivore over night”- such a vivid phantasy…funny and so damn surreal…

    I don´t bother reading books at length – especially novels, they bore me to death.

    But doubtlessly, I would read your books.

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha… you made me blush and smile, almost like a child caught doing something naughty!!! Thank you, and by the way I don’t bother writing any books 😉

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