Spring cleansing … the brain!

Spring has played “hard to get” with me this year, so I decided to catch up by doing some spring cleansing in my brain, and I am certainly not talking about just some clearing clutter, rearranging, reorganizing or bringing the new stuff out!!! I am talking about taking extreme measures….

I was looking in the mirror this morning…. no no no I did not get scared, just that I was rather hoping I’d look like this:
with make up morning
Actually what I’ve seen was more like this:
no makeup morning

And I was thinking, yes because thinking is one of my favourites activities, comes very close after a lot of other favourite activities like resting, sleeping, drinking, resting, eating sleeping, resting again, so yes I was thinking today how much we do for our appearance!

I mean… come on… in between those two pictures must have come lots of hmmm … let’s see, moisturizer, serum, eye cream, illuminator, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss, visits to hairdresser, cosmetician, doctors, should I go on?

No, because the question here is do we do as much for our brain? And for sure our brain needs to be soaked in the right …moisturizers too!!!

And then keeping on looking in the mirror, for some strange reason, it hit me, the truth came to the surface and I realized I was standing in front of a killer!!!

I KNEW what I have to do … clearly, clearer than how clear is for a hungry lion what to do when encounters a bunch of dears!!
lion singing whitney houston

You know this little blue alien that has a home in the middle left part of my brain , I am going to kill him, yes like a heartless little bitch I am going to stab him in his little blue eyes and make him shut up!!!
No more:

Missy, she looked at you like you are worth nothing, she must be a …bitch!
– You forgot to buy milk today. You never do things right!
– You will not be able to do this, so don’t start it!!
– He probably thinks you’re an idiot!
– Put the tv on, you must keep up with what is happening around the world , you numpty!

NO, NO, NO more abusing my brain and manipulate me, spring is here so I’d rather listen to the birds singing, I’d rather listen to the wind blowing through the cherry blossom trees, I’d rather listen to the water tinkling down the stream, I’d even rather listening to myself singing in the shower!

Wouldn’t you do the same ….. not that I want to imply you are all killers, not at all!

Welcome back SPRING, it’s good to have you here!


67 thoughts on “Spring cleansing … the brain!

  1. EagleAye says:

    I’m still looking for that little blue alien myself. I’ve been traipsing around in my head too, saying, “I’m gonna git you sucka!” I didn’t realize he was blue until you revealed the truth. I think he reproduces in there until a colony forms. So it’s hard to get rid of them. I hope your hunt goes well. I recommend long hikes, meditation in a natural setting, and aroma therapy.

  2. jonathanhilton says:

    Good job. We all have those thoughts, learning to discard what they say is, I believe, the one significant step toward finding your unique self and moving toward your potential. Here’s to spring cleaning. I hope you never listen to those limiting thoughts again. 🙂

  3. priya24y says:

    This is a great witty post and this is exactly what m going through doing my own mind spring cleaning and i wrote a post about it too. I wish you all the luck darling and you look beautiful.

  4. victorianeedstoeat says:

    I’ve never really thought of it that way before how much I thrash myself because of the little blue alien. It’s going to be hard to unlearn/shut it up. A good challenge though for a peaceful mind :).

  5. Cubical Panic says:

    The little blue alien has been in my head for so long, he’s nearly part of the furniture! 🙂 Having said that, I have been slowly but surely prying him out and evicting him one piece at a time 😉 I like your posts, smart and funny! Oh, and you’re so right about what we do to our poor faces! hehehe…

  6. BaluL (@Balul9) says:

    Hi H!,
    I’m from India we have a specific festival called UGADHI welcome the spring with natural beauty and it also clashes with new year of telugu and Kannada. Great to read such experience through ur blog. Special of cleansing mind through this festival is tasting 6 tastes mixed Pachadi(Chutney)…You’r good! in explaining in ur way

    1. H! says:

      Hi really nice of you to tell me this, sounds like a very nice experience this Ughadi festival,we all need it sometimes! Thank you!:)

  7. Michael J. Cahill says:

    Moisturizers, mascara, goblins and gray cells. Hell of a mixture but they certainly make up one fine posting. So happy to find others who think sideways. Great post. Mucho fun.

    Also, thank you kindly for stopping by my “Levity” post. So happy you liked it. Cheers and tally ho!

  8. emskiruns says:

    I love this it’s so true, thinking of how often we beat ourselves up over stupid things. I am also trying to be more positive about things especially about myself!
    A great read – Kill that little blue alien – I would suggest a good stomp with a high heeled shoe!

    Also thanks for stopping by my blog glad you liked my park run post – it was terrifying but fab at the same time.


  9. takelight says:

    External is engaging. So is internal, but not as much. The amount of attention that goes to the external, is way more than to the internal self, as you rightly pointed out too.

    Blue alien or aliens, keep coming depending on the frequency you vibe on. This is my personal experience hence opinion. It may not be necessarily common.

  10. eugenie verney says:

    My own little blue alien’s been a bit vocal as well just lately – and the return of spring (very late return in the UK this year!) is helping hugely to dislodge and disempower him (definitely a “him”!) Good thoughts for a Monday morning… 🙂

  11. mtthwpytnsmth says:

    Great advice. I try not to look at myself in the mirror too early, because I want a chance at having a good day. 😉

    Pretty face, though! You have nothing to worry about.

  12. onthickice says:

    I need a more thorough cleansing, too much clutter. Not just negative stuff, but in-progress stuff that isn’t progressing. Like all the horses I led to water who don’t understand what water is and they just stare at their reflections wondering if they really do ripple in the wind like that. Grr.

  13. delightedsouls says:

    Just this post I read, and I am already connected to your thoughts. I am sure, there will be a lot to look forward to. Not to mention, your style has made you one of my favourite bloggers. God Bless!

  14. funnyphilosopher says:

    This is inadvisable, but I’m currently drying out from a (short) drinking binge, and recovering from a (short) bout of pneumonia, and I feel great, vibrant, creative, etc. It’s like when ball players practice their swing w/ that weight on their bats, then swing better when they remove it. It’s days like this where a buddy will ask if I want to go get some drinks, and I astound them by saying, “No, I’d rather go be productive [by writing/editing].”

  15. 5thshadeofmist says:

    This post struck a resonant cord with me.
    I don’t watch television, read the newspapers or listen to the radio.
    I like to hear the birds singing, winter wind ruffling my hair, summer sunshine on my face and the change of the seasons.
    Fully dig it.
    Keep on rocking, because this post is an inspiration.

  16. lbellinlondon says:

    This is so true. I waste sooo much time and energy stressing about appearance/how I am perceived and it’s just ridiculous but also so hard to stop. Every now and then I have a mini epiphany where I manage it, but then the thoughts come back. Think we all need a spring clean!

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