Don’t give up – surrender!

water flow river
Sometimes all the love I ever felt, all the happiness I ever lived, all the wonderful things I’ve ever seen and all the amazing people I ever met, ALL come back to me unannounced, unexpected, uninvited and I feel life bursting inside me, and I know I need to STOP, I need to run and find a patch of grass and lay in it, lay there, forget the world and BREATH, and LIVE!!!! I want to melt, and let the world kiss me, and let the moment get to the most raw and tender spot in my heart until I cannot help but surrender, until I cannot help but open and love! And flow with it!

There is no desperation in my surrender, there is no giving up, there is no apathy, or laissez-faire, there is only inspiration and hope and there are only open doors, only countless possibilities instead of the only one I grew attached to! There is only freedom, freedom of letting go of all that I “need” to control!

If it means to give up something, it means giving up the fight, giving up the judgement, and giving up the attachment to the results, giving up on trying to fix the Universe, essentially means giving up on fear! Knowing that it will all be OK!!!

jump in the water!

In a world where utility and reason is what knowledge is all it sees, what I am trying to write about here seems so immensely complicated and hard to explain, I don’t even perceive it in my mind, don’t understand it exactly with my intelligence, I just feel it!

And it is my trust that helps me get it, my trust that the world loves us when we choose to love the world! My trust that I can have everything I want if it’s right for me, my trust that life is a wonderful, miraculous gift, my trust that I can lose the ‘I’ and the ‘mine’ and still find myself!

life is like dancing!

Do you trust that the Universe is providing you with what you need, or do you believe that life is a tough battle with many forces fighting against you?

61 thoughts on “Don’t give up – surrender!

  1. bgddyjim says:

    To answer your question, I believe it’s a little bit of both – The universe (or God in my case – I just don’t get into the whole universe thing) provides, I just have to wake up early enough and work hard enough to gather it. Great post.


  2. Deb Scarfo says:

    What a beautiful, inspirational post! And to answer your question…I seem to land either on one side of the fence or the other! Depends on the day’s struggle(s)! But I strive for trust and faith in the Universe’s path for me! Thanks for the uplifting post!

  3. Michelle says:

    WOW!!! Ask and ye shall recieve! Going through a bit of forced decision making time and fear is keeping me paralyzed until now! Thank you for this… I literally just asked myself… Universe for some sort of guidance and here YOU ARE!!! Almost made my head hurt!

    1. H! says:

      Michelle, thanks God I have you to read my staff, it always makes me feel it is worth writing it! It is there whatever you want and is good for you! 🙂 Thank you for being around! Hug!

  4. coachdaddyblogger says:

    I love the depth of this post. I believe there’s a middle ground, where you surrender to trying to control that which you can’t, but instead concentrate on the here and now, the immediate, the things and challenges and beauty around you right then, and you at once become part of it, but also influence it. You are THERE, THEN, not tomorrow or yesterday or in the other room, but THERE, THEN, and that’s the beauty to focus on.

    Awesome post.

  5. ivanbenson says:

    I appreciate what you writing about in this post. I believe that there are, indeed, tough forces fighting against me, but I also believe that what I need (and even more than what I need) has been, and will be provided for me. I have been learning to trust that fact, and allow myself to revel in the joy surrounding me. To breathe, as you put it. Thanks.

  6. ivanbenson says:

    I very much appreciate what you are writing about in this post. I believe there are, indeed, tough forces fighting against me. But I also believe that what I need in this life (and even more than what I need) has been, and will be, provided for me. I am learning to trust that fact. To breathe (as you put it). And to revel in the joy surrounding me. Thanks so much.

  7. Lauren @ Aprons and Cammies says:

    This post reminded me so much of the idea of “God Breezes.” If we’re sailboats floating around this world…we tack, we hoist the sails, we drop the sails, we kick on the motor to try to get to where we think we need to go. It isn’t until we’re sitting there, quietly, waiting with faith that we’ll feel God’s breeze pushing us in the direction he wants us to go. What a great reminder to sit still and just BE! Surrender to God’s breeze and he’ll always take you where you need to go.

  8. rgayer55 says:

    People often misinterpret wants for needs. Our needs are often very basic and we feel happy when they are need. We chase after things we want, then usually find they are not really fulfilling when we obtain them.

    BTW – thanks for visiting my site today. I hope you read more than today’s post. Most are more humorous than this week’s offering.

  9. VreauUltimulLoc says:

    Sunt intru totul de acord desi nici eu nu stiu inca sa o pun in cuvinte sau sa o descompun pe componente ca pe orice proces pe care il intelegi. Nu il inteleg, este coplesitor si totusi chestia asta este incurajatoare si nu infricosatoare.

  10. butimbeautiful says:

    I like your attitude. Sometimes I feel just like you – brimming with happiness, having no particular needs. I don’t actually believe the universe is sentient or cares one way or the other, but this reaffirms my belief that you can be what you want and feel what you want, up to a point.

  11. nauticalelf says:

    Wow! I agree 100% with this blog! I so ‘get’ what you’re saying (or feeling, really)…that’s exactly how it is with me! Glad I’m not the only one who experiences these things…LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wyrd Smythe says:

    “Do you trust that the Universe is providing you with what you need, or do you believe that life is a tough battle with many forces fighting against you?”

    I don’t believe those are the only possible choices! It could be the universe is a huge uncaring machine, and we are but tiny gears spinning out our lives. It could all be a Lotus Dream of some vast Sleeping Giant, or perhaps the mathematical expression of some universal equation. Maybe it’s a huge computer simulation and we’re just ideas exploring ourselves.

    I have never had the sense of forces aligned against me personally. Life has its challenges to face, though. If I had to pick one of your options, I’d lean towards the first (while realizing the very real possibility of coincidence). There have been some times when one possible answer was, “Angels watching over me.” Of course, the other possible answer is Luck or Coincidence.

  13. craiglock says:

    Great thought on your blog… Surrender (the path I followed many years ago) is not giving up nor passive, but is an act of trust: a testament to faith in God/ “The Universe”/life

    Keep up the good work

    “Let go, let God, let good flow into our lives.”


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