Life is not a POPULARITY contest or… is it?


Just to make one thing very clear, I am not here looking to become … popular, no not me…. by the way can you please just click LIKE on facebook here:
Of course I am not craving attention, no not me… (but while we are at it …follow button there click that please)

No, of course I am not looking for people to like my stuff, not me!!!
I just sometimes crawl out of my universe and turn into a clown!!! I put my make up on and try to …impress the world… no, of course not looking for attention, not me!!!
But I am willing to put a picture with my cat broken leg on Facebook and say if I get 1 million likes I will take it to the doctor and fix it…otherwise…!!! Or I’ll ask the homeless people in the street to pose with a big poster and say if they get a billion likes they’ll get their dinner!!! If I’d have kids I’d definitely put a picture with them asking for 1 trillion likes before I get them a …puppy!!! I’d certainly do that!!!
Hmmm…. that would make me popular, or if not will at least get me some likes, right? And that’s all it matter doesn’t it? I’d have my 15 minutes of fame! Quantity over quality, this is life is all about nowadays, he who gathers more friends or more likes WINS!!!
I think we all become sometimes clowns out of the desire to be liked!!! Like is the new love… in today’s world!! We are likable but ALONE!!! We are more and more connected but isolated in the same time!!!

But sometimes is nice to stop trying to please people, take a chance and dare:
Dare to be great!
Dare to be yourself!
Dare to be unique!
Dare to express your opinion!
Dare to say what you have to say!
Dare to be strange!
Dare to tell the truth!
Dare to be ….unpopular!

Because life is so much better when you are …yourself!!!


173 thoughts on “Life is not a POPULARITY contest or… is it?

  1. robert87004 says:

    So now they want me to log in to Facebook, just to “like you”? Can we “like you” w/o
    Facebook? Color me bemused. Maybe you’re a person known by a grandchild of mine, or at least who I’d want my theoretical grandchild to know and have as a friend. (mentally and physically) Strong women are way, way cool. Sorry, 60 ‘s coming thru.

  2. suzan says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Nuthouse! I have had so much fun this morning shooting coffee out of my nose while reading all your posts!

  3. Charron's Chatter says:

    You got me an all of ’em…I got hopelessly distracted by shiny objects over at your Facebook page first–and then clicked the “Arrow to Nowhere”, too. Yay me!! What an accurate assessment of it all, Fun Girl–LIKE is the new love, and we are all so alone in our popularity. I am going to go hit the LIKE button now before I forget…;)

    1. H! says:

      Ohhhhh girl not only that you’re fun, but you !!!are well too nice. Thank you for all,’I’m closely following you too now 😉 and looking forward to explore more! Thanks&love!

  4. jenniferbchaz says:

    “Like is the new love” That’s a good one! I fancy smart sayings, and that one is so true and so sad.

  5. Andre's rantAndre says:

    A non-conformist! Someone who is comfortable with herself? Nice to know that we have people in this world who have the ability to think for themselves. It is sad when people have to don a mask merely to fit in – why? If you are yourself and don’t fit in then – tough! Being yourself is less stressful! Well said H!

    1. H! says:

      Thank you for you nice words! Being yourself is great! But must admit it’s been a process going there, a process that included reading a lot, including a lot of positive thinking stuff 😉 ( talking about your other comment now) 🙂 thanks&love!

  6. avbofsteel says:

    I love that picture at the bottom of your page. I’m recently realizing this about myself too, that honestly, it is my opinion of myself that truly matters. 🙂

  7. Noel says:

    Awesome post. It is hard not to please people in today’s society, but it is essential to love ourselves just the way we are, without pleasing others or trying to fit in. Thank you.

  8. Siddhartha says:

    Ah..! A beautiful point put forth.. As a matter of fact what i see around is most people “Liking” , “Commenting on” & “Following” each others blogs just because the WordPress Intro guide states that they should in order to popularize their own blogs..!

    This mad rush for “acceptability” and “short lived fame” has and does subconsciously pull us all at one point or another into a strange vortex which, to say the least, stifles our own natural creative instincts.. It takes true character to not just understand this but also to hold up against it all and do you own thing..

    Cheers to the free thinker..! 🙂

  9. LisaAR says:

    Heck, I didn’t just LIKE your post…I LOVED it (in a completely appropriate way, don’t worry). I remember when I was a kid, one barometer of being liked was how many people wanted to sign your yearbook. Now there are so many other “measurable” ways to note popularity. It’s way too easy to size people up…and way too inaccurate. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lesley Buse says:

    Sometimes, especially in our workplace lives, it can be a great challenge to be loyal to self and not piss too many people off! I so enjoyed this theme and what you had to say.

  11. S.Srinivas says:

    Hey thanks for liking my post on adding value. Wonder which is bigger – the need to be liked or the need to comment. Thank to FB, it often stops with just a like and saves needless comments 🙂 Nice fun blog and am following it now!

  12. opendialogue4themasses says:

    Sadly, in this day and age with media/technology, life is a popularity contest, especially amongst young girls. For information on Entertainment/Current News, please feel free to check out and follow my blog:

  13. Bill says:

    I think that’s a great motto to live by:
    “My desire to be myself is greater than my need to fit in”.
    Stick with that and keep running!

  14. ramblesaboutrambling says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I also think everyone is looking for reassurance in all the wrong places. It’s unfortunate that we’ve become so heavily connected and have become that generation that posts things they want to be validated by the amount of likes it receives.

  15. dbubble12 says:

    I liked your points, then loved the Dares. I am newly caught up in this blogging world of liking and following and awaiting comments. Ha ha. I am caught up in the community and the allure of being myself; sharing desires, struggles, opinions and photos I haven’t shown to many. Love it all… Now, do you like me enough to be friends??! 😉

  16. splavida says:

    Thanks for the entertaining reading material… I’ll be here quite a while. I can relate to “Too busy to live.” I’ve just started writing again after a forced sabbatical of 5 years for just that reason. It’s a good feeling to be sitting and writing again, strange but good. Keep up the good work. I hope you take the time to pop in again on my site to see what I’ve been doing. Take Care.

  17. margscarte says:

    oh my gosh – you read my mind! one of my pet peeves … if you DON’T like this, you will have a terrible life or like this and wait 5 minutes and something amazing will happen (sure it will, you’ll feel like a total idiot – amazing!).
    Loving your blog, thanks for stopping by mine 🙂 no matter how superficial, I think we all like our thoughts to be acknowledged and “liked”… after all, we’re putting a piece of ourselves out there for the public to “judge”.
    Don’t forget to FOLLOW!!!! lol 😀

  18. phoxis says:

    Things are so synthetic out there in the “social” network sites, and me and some “un-social” people can’t just fit in. Likes, Shares … what the heck does this mean: “1 Like = 1 RESPECT, 1 Share = 10 RESPECT, 1 Comment = 100 RESPECT” ? Can you explain ? You have any idea ?

    The way you have rendered your thoughts is excellent and I agree with your view, I hope I could also express some of my thoughts in words.

    I will “Like” your post 😀

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