2000 km., a hero and a bicycle!

seb bicycle, around EuropeSometimes the most amazing people and the most amazing things can hide under the most common appearances!

And you would be “deceived” if you were to meet Sebastian Schmitz, and even if you were to have a conversation with him about his fantastic trip he’s doing right now, you would still be surprised as he is talking about it as if it is the most NORMAL thing in the world, and come on, we are not talking about a 10-50 or even 100 km ride as a way to stretch your legs on a Sunday morning, we’re talking about 2.032 km ride, through the unforgiving sun, through the rain and the wind, through not the most smooth roads in the world, sometimes even through trucks that think they own the road! And he does it in order to buy bicycles for children who can’t afford to have one! At least …not yet!

And I’m sure you’d agree with me it does take something really special to do ALL this and talk about it like it is the most normal, ordinary thing someone, everyone should do!

Seb you are an inspiration and your trip should be an example and a lesson for us all!

I am sure the kids that will benefit from your wonderful effort and dedication will think of you as a hero. And I’d say they should not be the only ones!

This is where you can read about this amazing trip and even become a part of it!



9 thoughts on “2000 km., a hero and a bicycle!

  1. duncanr says:

    He has my respect !

    Some years ago – when I was young and foolish – I did a cycle ride ( on a tandem) between John o’ Groats and Land’s End in the UK to raise money for Cancer Research

    The distance is around 1300km and I did it with a bunch of friends so each pair on a tandem did two stints – totalling around 76km – each day. That’s nothing compared to what this guy is doing yet each of us struggled to cope with the pain of the endeavour and it was only because it was for a good cause and we didn’t want to lose face in front of the others that we each carried on to the end – though the stink of embrocation cream in the support bus become overpowering towards the end of the trip !

    So, kudos for Sebastion

    Well done !!!

    1. H! says:

      I don’t think you were so foolish or I think we should always keep this kind of “foolishness”! Thanks for sharing with us Duncan!

  2. Cosmo says:

    My hat is off to him. And to anyone who does anything in the service of others. I think we often forget all the “small causes” and little things that we can do to effect change in the world. This is a big thing to do for a small cause. Very cool. Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. Shivani Panchmatia says:

    Hi there I have nominated you for “Shine On Award….”

    Please find the information on the below link if you choose to accept the award nomination.


    Hope to continue reading brilliant stuffs from you as always.

    Shivani Panchmatia

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