The happiness trick!

Do you know that in America alone, people are spending as much as $750 million on self-help books a year and more than $1 billion on motivational speakers? More than 100 colleges offer classes in positive psychology — the science of happiness!!!
But in the same time the use of pharmaceuticals to combat depression, anxiety, insomnia, and a whole host of stress-related health conditions including ulcers, IBS, and high blood pressure is sky rocketing!
I am using USA numbers because were easier to find but we can definitely extrapolate this to the most of the “advanced”, “civilized” world!

Let’s face it now the “advanced, civilized” economy is fuelled by keeping us a little bit unhappy….

“If I just had that… if I could just afford that, if I’d be somewhere else…. THEN I’d be happy, all that is there for sale, a new car, a bigger house, a new, ground breaking technology phone every year, millions and millions of products are designed OF COURSE to make us HAPPY, but we can’t be happy until we have them all, and you can never catch up, because the advanced, civilized companies are always faster, better!

The trouble is often people confuse happiness and joy with pleasure, with satisfying the senses, and if you need evidence for this, let’s just use the easier example, the billion dollar porn industry, and how EVERY thing in advertising is related to sex, sex sells, sexy house sexy car, sexy garden, sexy dog, sexy furniture, sexy chair, sexy donut, sexy hamburger, sexy pills ha ha ha, you name it, you sexy beast!!!

So it is not so surprising to see how, hoards of people are pursuing pleasure all their life, trying to capture it, to possess it and wanting to know that it will be there, in the same way, day after day.

But pleasure is a real bitch, isn’t it…. pleasure is very elusive, and can never be capture, it will always need more and more ….products, things, situations, people, excitement! Get’s you GREEDY, the pursuit of pleasure transforms us in greedy creatures!

AND pleasure is always dependent on the outside, depends on external circumstances that we can, very little control, and in the end we become more and more empty and miserable!

But happiness and more important … joy ALWAYS comes from inside, ALWAYS!!

The science of happiness that we became obsessed with is encouraging us to believe that there is always a better moment than this one, a better experience that we are supposed to be having, this moment is not enough, is not the moment that we should or could be living.

It’s another form of GREED, we want more, better, we want our life to be perfect and our happiness indestructible!
We keep demanding that life be something other than what is, and created a science of creating imaginary scenarios to make it happen!

Why don’t they teach us how to be okay in this life as it is, and experience it, right now, without turning the experience into an identity, positive or negative?

STOP for a second and tell me, is it anything fundamentally wrong with the moment you are in RIGHT now?

And after all why judge, why putting a label on it, there is so much beauty even in the most imperfect moments, there is so much beauty even in the most imperfect human beings, there is so much beauty as it is, we don’t need to change it, just to open our eyes and see it, instead of being busy judging it and wishing things were different!

Joy comes from being able to experience our life, right now, joy comes from being free, not from the experiences we do not want, but within the experiences that we have!

There are no perfect people, there are no perfect lives, there are no perfect relationships, there are no perfect places to be, but there are perfect moments to be lived, sometimes even in the most imperfect circumstances, why waste this moments being busy with chasing the wind?

You are joy!

88 thoughts on “The happiness trick!

  1. shoe1000 says:

    Excitement replacing expression.
    Exhilaration replacing passion
    Happiness replacing joy
    Need replacing gratification
    Lust replacing connection
    Greed replacing being.

      1. jamestill says:

        Like it! I think similarly. The foundation of this world is currently power. As I wish it to be love, it’s not. That is why I shun this culture, this society, and the desensitized braindead way of thinking, or rather lack of thinking. People want to be the strongest fighter, the highest paying Job, with the most power. People are inspired by money and not love. They have their dollar bills in their pockets, and it says in God we trust, yet that bill is their god.

        People are indeed living for pleasure, power, and selfishness. Pride has always been the firestarter of corruption, and people are raised into it. And with corruption, and with the powerhungry comes knocking other people down. And with those people that have so much power, that they shift the society, they deceive us. And being desensitized AND deceived is a horrible combination. People have lost their humanity. And they need to be waked up.

      2. jamestill says:

        It’s my pleasure. lol. It feels good seeing other people capable of thinking for themselves, as my life isn’t full of very much of them, in fact, my family and friends won’t even talk to me much. Which is really a shame. If I had more people like you in my life, and people that I could discus ideas with, that potential cap would be lifted way higher. 😀

  2. fatguy2triguy says:

    Cheapest and best way to be positive and happy is to surround yourself people that are positive and happy. When you find yourself surrounded by people that are whiners and complainers, exit the area.

  3. Juned says:

    Everyone is in pursuit of happiness but they forget that happiness lies in simple things and in this modern civilized world options are unlimited with greed on top priority. Sex is evergreen, put it anywhere and everywhere, that’s the sexy part.

      1. JJBollOX says:

        Yes so do I. I have true blueprint for a better way. A way as yet unlived; yet, a direction in which I hope that we are heading. My hope is fuelled with the increasing number of posts that I read echoing similar thoughts to your own. Now I need some more fuel lit under my bum to write the book..
        There is so much to write, so much to share. Whilst we guard it rather than give it we will be blinded to the beauty that is by that beauty we think that will make our individual worlds. This is not a world for Individual gain though accepting, realising and truly promoting the potential of each individual, together is a way toward

      2. H! says:

        You definately have a reader once you write that book….come on hurry up… we don’t have so much time 🙂

  4. John T Jurkiewicz says:

    I’m always amazed that every time I enter a bookstore, the two largest title sections are dieting and self help. As a society we are so obsessed with “feeling good,” rather than the effort involved in creating whole lives. Read a book, take a pill, click your heels three times and you are a reinvented self. I loved your musings. Keep up the good work!!! Namaste

    1. H! says:

      You are so right, the science of happiness, creating the instant fix…. whole lives that’s what we should talk more about 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Ed G. Mann Ps.D says:

    To what you are writing is the terminus of liberalism, that collective of moral decline and mental vacuity. One cannot continue to hold, simultaneously, two or more opposing positions and consider oneself logical or mentally balanced.
    Liberalism is a sickness, one that attempts to place the human above nature without penalty. The penalty for this condition is the belief one can have everything without working for it. This is known by other names, one being the ‘state of entitlement’ best conveyed in post-modernism.
    From a sane point of view, the current search for happiness sags like worn out pantyhose on an anorexic body.

    1. H! says:

      You said it so well Ed, “the current search for happiness sags like worn out pantyhose on an anorexic body” brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

    2. JJBollOX says:

      You are so wrong and hiding your inability to see in a blinkered terminology fed to you by education. You have failed to see beyond the words of others. I’d write more yet restrictions of my technologically provided latest happiness gizmo are, restricting whilst brilliant.

      1. JJBollOX says:

        This, ‘you are so wrong’ is in response to Ed not you 🙂 my trailing off unfinished acclamation of your post is so due to one of those tech happiness aids 😉

      2. H! says:

        Ahh 🙂 I can accept someone telling me I am wrong ;), I understand people can have different points of view.

      3. H! says:

        I’m a bit lost, it seems to me you are both saying quite similar things, indeed Ed is using terminology that maybe not everyone is used to… so where is the divergence?

      4. Carl says:

        Ed is spot on in his analysis, and unfortunately, this information is not taught in schools because the teachers have the disease.

      5. Carl says:

        Ed is spot on in his analysis, and unfortunately, this is not found in the education establishment because the teachers have the disease.

        No reason to attack Ed with such vacuous words.

  6. Abhishek says:

    You crazy thing. i have just blog to get a new job and you say to stay in the same. lolz, this job sucks. just kidding. I take your side when it comes to see happiness in phsysical possessions. People are changing to alot. They are so dependent, this is also a cause for their unhappiness. keep writing good.
    thanks 🙂

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha , never said anything about YOUR… jobs…:) Physical possesions are ok, as long as it doesn’t take over your life! 🙂 Thanks!

      1. Abhishek says:

        right, they good to a limit. but i can’t live without doing work. i am a bit workaholic. This job is too easy and i hate easy things.

  7. kathrinaha says:

    Thanks, I really loved this one. You’re so right when saying that the permanent search for pleasure an enjoyment is just another form of greed, very well put!

  8. personalpilot says:

    You go girl! It’s said in so many ways and I’m so glad that’s so. You’re IN IT… the joy factor … is all about attitude, isn’t it? And the knowingness of understanding that everything that happens is a result of what you asked for within expectations.

      1. cadashworth says:

        Well, the “little move” where I sold everything and moved my little family and me to Belgium. We only kept a few sentimental items and shipped it. This took three months to get to Belgium.
        In that time I realized that it was a complete waste. We were indeed happy with fewer possessions!

  9. adambarr1106 says:

    Worth reading and re-reading. It’s amazing how many people, when you stop to look, are always concentrating on the moments to come, not the one they’re in. Even well-intentioned folks do this, just trying to stay on the all-important “schedule.” It can run away with you.

  10. lessonsbyheart says:

    “Contentment” – now there’s a word we rarely hear. It doesn’t sell much “stuff.”
    Joy – I’ve found it and it’s not dependent upon anything around me. It’s the rock-solid faith that Jesus is in control, no matter what’s going on. I can quit looking forward to when things “get better,” looking back with regret or longing, and instead enjoy today and those around me.

  11. Carl says:

    Good post. When I search for happiness, I don’t find it anywhere; when I try to live in accordance with some greater sense of purpose, it comes along during scattered, precious moments.

  12. deanco says:

    Nice to read someone posting positive affirmations. I know those moments you talk about enjoying for me are the “now” so i try this everyday instead of wasting my time on things that have passed or i think might happen – past and present. Thanks for the read!

  13. The Dang Yankee says:

    Yes but if everyone got the truth that happiness comes from within then there would be a whole lot of Madison Avenue ad men on the unemployment line. You mean happiness is not found in cheaper auto insurance?

  14. SweetFlirtyFashion says:

    Wow. This post is amazing. I think that a lot of times people tend to forget the good things they have in pursuit of what they think is “good”. It is soo important to be happy because I believe it is fundamental in success and, in general, finding a more fulfilled and empowered you.

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha, yes of course you need money to be happy in the way the society itself is built around money, it takes great changes to be able to live differently!!! It is complex indeed, but money, sex and alcohol is the key…just makes me laugh, how much money, sex and alcohol, is the question!!! 🙂

  15. Vinay Sarda says:

    Loved it!!!

    People confuse happiness with success too. Success is measured by others; happiness is felt by you. 🙂

    Keep writing. And keep reading my blog too. 🙂

  16. Mr Simple says:

    Running has a massive impact on mood. I also love your mindful attitude to happiness. Check out the deliciously easy recipe for happiness. 24 May.

    Love your blog.

    Mr Simple

    1. H! says:

      Thank you very much Mr. Simple! Indeed simple things are most important! 🙂 Can’t wait to explore your blog. Seemes very interesting!

      1. iithinks says:

        haha. Loved it. from the picture, to the social orgasm, to the big dick….I did always wonder about positive thinking and people born in unfortunate living conditions. If only they could learn to think themselves out of it 😉 World poverty would disappear!

        much love!

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