Stupid things I did in my life!

Ok, all right, you don’t really expect me to talk about the real stupid things I did, because there is a wax cat’s chance in hell to talk about the ones that Nobody would ever talk about, the ones that are so stupid that I’d be as dumb as a box of hammers to talk about, the ones that my memory has been fighting forever to bury them very, very deep, and no Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung, or all the psychotherapists and psychiatrists that ever existed together would not be able to bring back to life, I am only going to talk about bearable stupidity, what did you think?!

And on the top of my list of stupid things I ever did, I will put one that I cannot forget, no matter how many times I skip my memory pills!

That is: SMOKING, yes it’s even hard to believe for me, but I did it, and for quite some time, don’t really want to remember for how long and ok I was more of a social smoker, meaning that I smoked when I had an audience, when I was going out or had people with me! Which actually makes it even more stupid, because obviously I did not feel the … “urge” to put a roll of paper filled up with god knows what in my mouth, light it up and puff it like a chimney in a hard cold winter, my lungs were not …screaming out for…smoke, no, no everything was in my HEAD. Or better said there was nothing in my head!

My dear smoker friends, I hope you will forgive me, or…should I forgive you? Hmmm not decided yet, but I am sure one day you will be quitting and thinking the same, realizing how stupid you were, not that I am saying you are stupid now, cause you smoke , no, no, did I say that? OK maybe I did….

Please God give my smoker friends a sense of humour!

Anyway I was here to talk about MY stupid things right?!!!

One day lighting up my cigarette I started thinking how would it be if all creatures on earth that are provided by God with lungs…. would smoke!

Just imagine ….a cow taking a mouthful of smoldering straw than breathing in the smoke and blowing it out through its nostrils, a horse riding up the sky with a cigarette in his mouth, or a bunch of dogs not being able to bark in the park too busy to…. puff puff!!! I can picture my cats in the morning pouring smoke away: pourrff, pourrff!!!
camel smoking

Maybe there is an excuse for my stupidity, I have to admit I am more of a visual person so all the people just talking about how bad smoking is, didn’t mean too much, so I had to see pictures of smoked, black lungs, decayed teeth, dead unborn kids, to actually realize that smoking was making me look so stupid that if I were to go to a mind reader they wouldn’t bother charging!

Ok, I was suppose to talk about stupid things not just one stupid thing, but I think smoking was so stupid that by far overtakes any other manystupid things I ever did or maybe while smoking my brain cells died and I just can’t remember anything else… I should have called this post …THE stupid thing I did in my life but still think I’m intelligent!

What about you? Did you do anything stupid? … Share it here, come on we know you did, and we won’t think less of your ….intelligence!!!

53 thoughts on “Stupid things I did in my life!

  1. bgddyjim says:

    I found it very difficult to make it through to the end of your post because you chose not to capitalize “God” so often. I’ve done enough stupid crap to fill a decent book. Smoking, grass, booze, amongst some of the harder stuff. Broke the law for fun, spent a few nights in jail and basically spent my entire youth trying to figure out just how stupid I could be.

    Thank God that’s all in my distant past.

    1. H! says:

      Thanks for sharing! Take a look now, you can easily make it through 😉 As you said…thanks God that’s in the past! 🙂

      1. bgddyjim says:

        I agree that God might not care either way, but “god” is typically used to refer to those less than God. In context, Arnold, in his heyday was a physical fitness god. The big ‘G’ God refers to God as in “The God”. We in the know show this respect, not because God cares but because we care. Because I’ve read almost every post this particular author has written, I have gathered that she does care. I merely pointed out, nicely, that I noticed, or that I had a tough time making it through the post – because I had a very good feeling that she did care. She obviously caught my meaning. I meant no disrespect to anyone. Please forgive, I’m an old fart and while others may find things like a capital G silly, I believe mean everything.

  2. John T Jurkiewicz says:

    There are so many but I’d guess I’d have to say smoking too much pot when I was in college. We didnt know about the psychological addiction implications then as well as it being a gateway drug. Standing in the snow and sharing a joint seems pretty pointless right now

  3. petchary says:

    I have done SO many stupid things, and I would agree with the above comments – I did SO many stupid things. Smoking cigarettes included – but I gave up many years ago, thankfully…

  4. dfolstad58 says:

    cute blog, and the topic I am sure will engage a lot of readers and generate many responses. In the 70’s there was a song – The Streak by Ray Stevens and illustrated the fun atmosphere of the day, streakers were everywhere, in parks, on waterskis, and I remember doing it in national park and arriving back to my tent where I couldn’t get dressed because a bear was sitting beside my tent eating my groceries. Probably not the best recommendation for activities but at the time it was innocent and done just for fun.

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha… a bear sitting besides your tent… sounds like a story that is funnier to talk about than live it! Thanks for sharing!:)

  5. juanabear14 says:

    My first year of college my friends and I spent a weekend in a hotel on a beach, three boys, three girls, all smushed in one hotel room! We were drunk pretty much the whole time. At one point I was in my bikini by the window and heard some guys whistling… at me! So, as drunk as i am, and without thinking, I turned around and flashed four complete strangers! Later that day, my friends and I were playing volleyball on the beach, well turns out those guys had made friends with my guy friends earlier that day, and I was nick named knockers! To this day, they still call me that

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha…. it’s a small world out there! 🙂 At least you won’t forget that weekend! Or they….:) Thanks for sharing it with us!

    2. blackadam88 says:

      Love it! That’s awesome! Exactly like the picture in this post says, “Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls.” I guess you would never have done it if you weren’t drunk but the alcohol reveals to us what’s already there by freeing us from our inhibitions. You have a wild nature, you only need the courage to show it and the wisdom to use it appropriately. Good for you, you have character.

  6. becky6259 says:

    I have led a perfect life in every way and have never been stupid. I’m sure you believe that, right? Lol, there’s actually way too many times of stupidity in my life that I’m grateful to be alive despite it. I’m glad you were able to kick the smoking –it appears to be extremely difficult to quit once the habit becomes reflexive, so quitting was a very wise decision.

  7. Deb Scarfo says:

    Five years ago, I stupidly started smoking again when I went back to school. There I was, 42 years old and hadn’t touched a butt in 15 years, but I was “stupidly” puffing away, instantly hooked.
    Then, I quit cold-turkey, during the week of finals, in the midst of moving days after Christmas from the home my children grew up in. I just knew if I didn’t quit then, it would soon kill me, I was under so much stress.
    Looking back now I don’t know why I started smoking again. Maybe because I was in school and my subconscious thought it was a cool thing to do, like when I was a teenager. It was stupid, stupid, I admit. But unfortunately, not the stupidist thing I ever did in my life! 🙂
    Great post!

  8. Emily says:

    There are always a few but I’d guess the one I’d share is not forgiving soon enough/being too stubborn to do so.

  9. imarunner2012 says:

    So many stupid things, it’s amazing I’m alive today. Smoking all kinds of stuff for too many years. Not working hard enough in school. Like everyone else here, too many to list and many too ashamed of to list.

  10. blackadam88 says:

    Stupid is my middle name but I’m happy to say I managed to give up smoking. Did it for about 7 years. Was hoping to hear a few more stupid things from you but maybe you’re just not as stupid as you think you are.

    Here’s my list starting with most recent:
    * was caught speeding by radar and simultaneously fined for driving without a valid driver’s licence, not once, not twice, but three times
    * got married to the wrong woman in a foreign country
    * didn’t finish uni
    * pawned my conga drums to pay for a stupid multimedia course which I failed
    * left a good woman and a good job because I was homesick
    * chased a girl just to see her report card and twisted my ankle down the stairs, then spent all the school holidays on crutches
    * lit a hot air balloon inside to pre-warm it and nearly burnt my parents’ house down
    * tried to balance-walk across an unsecured gate, fell and broke my arm
    and the list goes on

    On the other hand, I have a job which pays the bills and is not too bad, I have a nice apartment (rented) and I have a son who’s super fantastic. It’s not all bad.There’s still hope.

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha Adam you gave me a good laugh thanks, made me feel I’m not alone 🙂 even though I have to admit would be pretty damn hard to top up your LIST… you deserve a prize!!! But have to say it takes a lot of courage for some of your “stunts”… one sure thing you have some good memories, and certainly IT’S NOT ALL BAD!!! Au contrary! Life is good, gives us the chance to be stupid sometime! As for my other stupid things I might come back on that!:)
      Thanks for sharing with us! You deserve a HUG!

  11. Cooking With Vinny says:

    As Forrest Gump would say, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Or put another way, one person’s stupid is another person’s genius. Little progress is made unless someone is willing to take the chance to and do something (that seems at the time) stupid. Stupid is being afraid to do something for fear of looking stupid. Yes, smoking is stupid. But you quit and that was smart. A lesson learned. And to John’s point, standing in the snow passing a joint sounds like a pretty good idea. Provided you’re wearing shoes. Now that would be stupid.

  12. Steven Beliveau says:

    I had ignorant parents. So I did TONS of stupid stuff. But that’s a whole blog in ITSELF!

    For starters? I had no initial choice but to accept their silly, backwards ways – and I thought it was ‘normal.’ I thought there was something wrong with other people. Stupid. Cost me alot of good years. I actually defended their crap. And lived. I use the term loosely. Pitiful. I know. Had to purge genetic nonsense from the human gene pool – to make sure that shit stops right here with me. So to insure it’s end all, I chose not to spawn any offspring. But, now that’s the one SMART thing I did do… lol

  13. pwhent says:

    What have I done that is stupid? How long have you got!!
    Up near the top was abandoning a promising running career in the my teens because it took up time I wanted to spend chasing women, drinking beer and playing tennis. Beer & women I understand, but I was terrible at tennis!! I returned to running after a few years but never got back to where I was when I left it.

  14. funnyphilosopher says:

    In the 2 books I’ve written, I’ve lost most of my filter and talk about really embarrassing stuff. One chapter in my second one is called “Incontinence,” so that gives you an idea. Moreover, I shared it w/ a lady from church whom I like and am kind of going for. It’s one thing if I make $ of telling people how pathetic a boozer I am and how I frankly deserve the shitty life I have now. But I will share it with people who don’t see that side of me.

  15. Nowan Zen says:

    Shhhhhh……I’m in the Stupid Person Protection Program. I wish I could blame my stupidity on alcohol, but I was stone cold sober everytime. I did try to forget doing it by drinking, but good friends will NEVER EVER let you forget.

  16. Chuck says:

    Stupid things? LOL where to begin? and where to end. It’s all life and some of take a more adventurous road than others. I started smoking when I was a teenager and quit in my early 30’s. Other than that, I’ve been on a wildly adventurous journey and still enjoy taking the unbeaten path through life. Never been arrested or done anything “that” stupid, but I don’t lack “the balls” to have fun. 🙂

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