Homo gadgetus!

theultimatelevelofdisappointmentIf only poor Charles Darwin would knew how wrong he was saying that we should not try to notice evolution in action, because if it took us hundreds of thousands of years to evolve from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens, things even in that department happens much faster nowadays, and if you pay attention around you,and don’t look too far, you might notice a new specie in full bloom: I call it Homo Gadgetus, and here are some of the tell-tell signs to identify them:

1. Their bodies are modified, as they have extensions on their hands, ears, eyes, things that buzz, flicker, ring, beep, tweet, vibrate and generally make noise! They can’t live without this constant buzzing inflicted into their brains!

2. They developed this amazing ability of having their body in one place while their spirit is in a completely different one: take this example, you are out having dinner with a homo gadgetus, deeply involved in conversation and suddenly you drop the fork on the floor with a loud bang … and no reaction, and you realize that his spirit is far away, and nothing, but the buzz of a gadget could turn it back!

3. This new specie doesn’t react to normal stimuli,because you might notice that while looking into their eyes with the most compassionate look you can ever produce doesn’t even get them blink,but the slightest vibration in their gadgets can get their stomach to knot and the nerves to come up their spine and make them want to act immediately, no matter the place, location, whether is their own wedding and the birth of their child taking place, all in the same time!
dropping the kid while on the iphone

4. They consider rude if you think is rude they answer their phone and text messages while out on a date with you!

5. Their basic bodily functions are completely modified, as they can hold on not drinking, eating, going to the toilet, sleeping until the computer game is over! This of course did not come without sacrifices: a man dropped dead at his screen in December after playing continuously for 10 days. That eclipsed the stamina of the previous victim, who died after two days in the chair in August last year. Another one died in 2002 after 86 hours of non-stop playing.

6. Their language is pretty much different from the homo sapiens too : omg, lol, IMHO, wtf, 6y, A3, aap, aas, gg, rofl might appear in your word processor as mistakes, but is nothing but the new language of the new specie (And girls if he things fidelity is not good don’t threatened to throw yourself off the window)!

7. It’s not a question of them using their gadgets when they want to, but more if their gadgets want them they run faster than if they would ever do at the desperate cry of their own child!

I let this list open as the process is taking place right now and if you ever encounter such a creature, feel obliged add to this list so we can well document the human evolution!

54 thoughts on “Homo gadgetus!

  1. atlanticcus says:

    What is this shit? Fortunately such people in Central or Eastern Europe are not seen here. But Im sure in Italy or Spain or England it is pretty normal…. Western World is totally falling apart it is more than obvious. And the worst than Homo Gadgetus is only Homo Money Obsessed Twat Workaholicus

  2. MartyW47 says:

    Great Post! Yes this new evolutionary off-shoot (let’s hope its an off-shoot!) seems to be everywhere these days. However, hopefully one day these critters will go extinct like Neanderthals and Streakers… 😉

    1. H! says:

      Haven’t seen any, but it’s just a bit of fun! I have no problems whatsoever! But can’t help wondering do you try hard or it comes naturally??? Being bitter that’s what!

  3. Dragonfly Diva says:

    Reblogged this on The Dragonfly Dances in Life and commented:
    And I think of this as we had yet another discussion with the teenager as to WHY the cell phone was purchased for him last year. I mean, what the heck! If I call or text and he doesn’t answer then I’ll just take the phone back…
    Needless to say, today his phone shall ring when I summon him. He’d run through burning coals before giving up the sacred handheld gadget! Are you too, a member of Homo Gadgetus?

  4. sandyhillman says:

    I notice how smart phone users never look where they are going. Stepping dangerously into traffic without checking lights at corners, stumbling over curbs, walking into people… too bad they can’t be more absorbed with real life.

  5. JustDeb says:

    Oh so true. Funny how I am interrupting if he is texting/reading his phone, but no prob if the phone interrupts me. Phone is not going anywhere so I just learned the rules.

  6. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Studies have shown that people will give up food, sex or shoes before they’ll give up their phones. We’re beginning to recognize that there is a genuine addiction involved. It’s similar to a gambling addiction. Your dopamine system is involved, so the effects can be very powerful.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Evolution may work in our favor if these folks become so attached to their toys they forget to mate. They’ll all die out eventually, and the rest of us can get back to the business of society.

    I have a rule when I’m out with someone. Turn that friggin’ thing off and put it away, or I will take it away from you, and I will break it.

    1. H! says:

      N-am spus nici o secunda ca toti merg in directia aia, si as putea spune …. din fericire!!! 🙂 Ce-i cu poza, nu m-am prins!

  7. EagleAye says:

    What’s really fun is watching two Homo Gadgetus having lunch together. Neither ever speaking to the other, but communicating constantly with someone else via their cell phone. Great stuff. If the internet ever goes down, this species may go extinct.

  8. lessonsbyheart says:

    Absolutely fantastic. I loved this!!! There’s nothing quite like a dinner party where all the attendees sit and stare at their screens and grunt at one another. I’ve threatened to ditch the next one – a little tough, since I’m the hostess!


  9. cadashworth says:

    Strange how social activity has degenerated to digital interaction on facespace etc.
    …oh crap. I’m doing it now!
    When I started blogging, the people in the “blogging group” nearby (in the real world) still hand the need for physical social interaction and we’d meet for coffee to actually talk to each other in person!

  10. Dara says:

    I love that Justin Bieber image. Evolution has failed! Brilliant. Hope the running is going well. I have replaced running with open water swimming but I miss my runs. Thanks for the recent ‘like’.

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