Jogging is for sissies!

What is jogging anyway, I read somewhere that is “running slower than 6mph” I would rather say “moving slower than 6mph”! And don’t get me wrong, I mean that is fine, is good, is great…. if you are 100 years old and you left your wheelchair at home!

For me that is as demanding as sitting on my couch watching a film and eating popcorn ALL in the same time! For a Kenyan runner probably I’ll have to throw in doing all that at 8000 m altitude!!!

So I like pushing myself when I run, until it hurts, until my lungs get their own personality and start talking to me, hey crazy girl, we’re breaking up with you now!

And I am not saying this because I am SO good at running, but because, I’ve learnt I won’t achieve things if I won’t push myself, when I run, or when I do anything in life!

What am I trying to say here is that is annoying me tremendously when I hear people talking about how hard they train, and don’t see results, when all they do is jog on a treadmill once a week, or people saying that success is catchy, they seem to have this notion in their mind that success is easy because they see so many successful people ( at least on the media) Or worse, they hear stories about people who became successful through chance, or luck, or simply by being in the right place at the right time. Well, I have news for you folks, most of us are NOT in the right place at the right time, and we have to find our way to success through pushing ourselves, and working hard! And then luck will come as well, I am sure!
I am not looking for success through running, I am only doing this purely as a hobby and for myself, but I am not afraid to push it, not to win competitions, not to win races, (even though this year I promised myself I’ll finally run in front of that tiny Japanese lady that always comes first) ….. but I do it to “conquer” myself!!!

And come on, don’t get me wrong jogging is good for… warming up, is good if you want to walk your dog, is good if you are Kim Kardashian and you called the paparazzi to take pictures! But it won’t give you the body and strength of … Usain Bolt!!! Neither the charm I think!!!

But if you are a jogger and my title upset you….. I have something for you, here you go, you can virtually kiss… sorry I meant kick my ass:


216 thoughts on “Jogging is for sissies!

  1. Sean Smithson says:

    Ok so I feel a bit cheeky leaving this message seeing as everyone else is actually commenting on running/jogging.

    But I made a bet with myself that you probably had a nice ass when I saw your profile picture… it turns out I was right 😉

    Great blog by the way!

    1. H! says:

      Well I suppose I was a bit cheeky putting that picture here :), so I can take a bit of cheekiness! A bit! Thanks for the great blog part!;)

  2. Shelly Drymon says:

    I have gone from slogger to jogger and I hope to one day be a real runner! It’s all about the challenge for me and oh to brag that I ran 13.1 miles, so my friends can ohhh and ahhh all over me!

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