Too busy to live!

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Aren’t you people excited when someone is asking you “hey, how have you been?”
Isn’t that the time to show the world how important, how significant, how productive you are, isn’t that the magical moment that gives meaning to your whole life, isn’t that the moment to make sure that there is no hint of doubt left in the poor smack’s head of HOW the world would cease to exist if you wouldn’t be around, of how irreplaceable you are!

Only wimps would answer that question with “Fine, thank you”, noooooo, no, no, wrong!!!!! A real important person would never do that; a real important person would rather have all their body hair removed by a Neanderthalian beast armed with hot wax and sambuca than to say that!!!
No, the real significant person would jump at the opportunity, as fast as Oscar Pistorius at the gun, (I mean the starting gun…what were you thinking!!! ) and start their magniloquent speech:

Ohh …. I am so busy, I am so so busy, I am buried with work, I am as busy as Santa Claus at Christmas, I am as busy as the priest hearing Hitler’s confession , I am so busy last night I forgot to pee and I wet the bed, I am so busy that all I do is talk about how busy I am, I am so busy that sometimes I forget…. Did I tell you how busy I am?!!!
too busy

Ahh that explains because being busy creates stress, stress kills brain cells, and when you have no brain cells people tend to call you names, don’t they, they don’t understand you are so busy, they simply think you are stupid, or retarded, don’t they?

You know what I am wondering, what are we actually so busy with?

Usually with finding ways to sell people more stuff they don’t need, or making things that would make life more complicated, so we can buy more stuff that we don’t need, and make our life more complicated!!!

What happened to the simple things people, why is not enough for us anymore?

Why do we think that doing nothing is a …waste of time?
Why do we think that laying on the grass and watching butterflies is unproductive?
Why do we think that spending an entire day on the bank of a river doing nothing should make us feel guilty?
Why do we think that walking barefoot in the grass is reserved for …holidays?
Why do we watch the sunrise or the sunset so rarely that we need to take pictures?
Why do we think that eating chocolate is a…GUILTY pleasure?
Why do we think that watching the stars is something reserved for astronomers?

Are we supposed to be that ….busy? Are we too busy to be happy? Are we too busy to live?

160 thoughts on “Too busy to live!

  1. Pam Avery Printed says:

    A wise person once told me: “Everyone has 24 hours in each day — how those hours are used is up to the individual.” We must take time to do the things we need and make time to do those things we want. It’s all about delegation, prioritization, and organization…good post.

  2. marieolivia says:

    The only thing we’re supposed to be THAT busy with is being happy. What does it all matter if you’re miserable. Who cares what other thinks of you if inside you just wanna scream anyways! I say, lay on the grass and watch butterflies, walk barefoot and eat that chocolate it that is what you wanna do!

    Great post!

  3. Tim says:

    All those things that people say are a waste of time? I say they are time well spent! You gotta stop and smell the chocolate along the way (and eat it too).


    1. H! says:

      Wow… thank you girl!!!I hope this will help you to invest more in yourself and what is important because that’s all it matters! Thanks&love

  4. Lois Roelofs says:

    Thanks for your “like” on my nursing memoir post. I love yours, it struck a nerve. When I was in the fast track at work, I asked a woman my age at the time (50s) who didn’t work how she spent her time. She said, “Oh, a little of this and a little of that.” I thought she was nuts! But now that I do that in retirement, I’m all for it.

  5. los73 says:

    Great point.
    Many of the people who don’t do much,usually have the most to say. Others work long and hard to keep up with the Jones.
    Life is amazing and has so much to offer. Stop and look at the amazing colors in a flower or in the sky.
    So many are so plugged into a device. That life passes them by.
    Go to the park and play on a swing. Go for a nice walk. It does wonders for your mind.
    Life is meant to be enjoyed and to be happy.

  6. colonelgraph says:

    Chocolate as a “guilty” pleasure is such a B.S societal belief. It’s unfortunate how ubiquitous it is. Unless a food item becomes sentient and is able to personally critique your flaws and past missteps, there is no way it should ever cause guilt. Ever. Nobody has ever sat on their death bed and spent their last few precious hours feeling ashamed about enjoying tasty food. Enjoy it while you can, people!

  7. jane says:

    ” I am as busy as the priest hearing Hitler’s confession”
    Yessss! this is what I need to tell people.
    Thanks for this, it was a nice pushing read.

  8. Noel says:

    Great post! Thanks for the reminder about the importance of being honest with one another. This is similar to some of my posts about being honest with others. The problem that I often see is that when people ask me how am I doing, it is usually a polite way of acknowledging my presence, not that they necessarily want to know my present emotional, physical, and social status. People don’t really care about how I am doing, except about how they can make themselves happy. And this makes me sad. We are more polite than honest. But we can do better. I have tried to be more honest with people when they ask me the everyday question of “How are you?”. Unfortunately, I sense that the other person has an expression of lack of interest when I start telling them how I am really doing. But I will keep trying to be honest.

    1. H! says:

      Thank you! You have a very good point, Noel, it’s good that you try to be honest, would be perfect if we would be polite and honest! 🙂

  9. Maryanne says:

    I LOVE this post! I hate that “busy” has become a status symbol. My favorite story lately is that I am no longer friends with a girl I knew since high school because she was “too busy” to talk to me on the phone and wanted all our communication to be via email only (unless we had a luncheon date — where she was always texting anyway, ewww!)

    One of my favorite things, before my husband comes home, is to relax with a glass of wine and call a good friend and chat for a half hour. Sadly, the phone call is becoming a lost art.

    I do work hard, I’m creative, I am busy — but I also know how to have a balanced life and stop and smell the roses 🙂

    Great job on this!

    1. H! says:

      I can so well relate to this Maryanne, ohhh I hate when I meet someone and half of the time they spend pratting on their phones! And yes I do work hard as well, I am creative and busy…. Thank you for your comment!

  10. Robin says:

    I so love this…thanks for sharing your rant! As a person who moved to the country and quit my career, and see a lot of rambling rivers and butterflies and so much quiet life, sometimes you need to defend yourself from people who think you are just lazy and unmotivated, or weird! I have dealt with both (the busy/crazy life and the quiet one) and prefer my little house on a trout stream to anything big and city-like and bustling–I can always go visit that when I need that fix.

  11. AndrewGills says:

    Way too true. I hate it when people get into the “I’m so busy” competition. Or the “I shouldn’t be eating this” or “I should be out training” …

    I have a lot on in my life – I work full-time, I study at university, I’m a Scout leader, I volunteer as a Justice of the Peace, I participate in 1-2 adventure races every month and also 1-2 Audax cycling events every month. But I never feel “busy”. I am just enjoying life.

    So it bugs me when people say “I’m busy” and try to put the guilts on me when I am actually spending a day watching television.

  12. museconfuse says:

    For awhile, I was really caught up with being “busy” just like everyone of my friends. If I wasn’t “busy” enough, I felt like a loser. After awhile, I realised that I’m really the loser for being too “busy”. I rather have lots of free time to chill and smell the roses, so to speak 😉

      1. museconfuse says:

        Well I have my days.. It’s a struggle for sure!! 🙂 just gotta keep positive and remind myself of what’s important!

  13. russianmartini says:

    So true. I credit my husband with teaching me how to live a little bit in the moment and just relax. There was a time in my life that I truly was so busy that if I had a day off, I got depressed and didn’t know what to do with myself. Didn’t know what to do with a day free from from work or classes!!!!! Weird, right?! Sure, life is but a series of plans and goals, big ones and little ones, but at some point you have to stop and just enjoy what you have accomplished!! 🙂

  14. Joy says:

    I love this post – I’m going to try the “busier than Santa on Christmas Eve” at some point. and I had to work HARD to just say “fine, thank you!” (which is the socially acceptable answer) – it’s so much more entertaining to tell people how you really feel!
    p.s., thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. kerbey says:

    I was jogging yesterday because I am not nearly as fit as the picture of you, and as I neared a curb, I noticed tree limbs pouring over a suburban fence, dotted with purple blossoms and busy bees tending to them. I stopped to smell the wisteria, and it was so fragrant. That counts as simple, right? I get brownie points?

  16. Kathi says:

    Hi to you too! Fun blog. YES, I am also guilty of being too busy to live well sometimes, but I’m trying hard to enjoy every moment of every breath the Lord gives me! Life is precious. I’m often struck by the Westminster Confession of Faith: “What is the chief end of Man?” Answer: “To glorify God AND ENJOY HIM FOREVER.” I think we remember the glory and forget the enjoyment of God and all the beautiful things he’s created for our pleasure!

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