Is God really dead?

No I am not asking Nietzsche, he did find out for sure by now, but I am asking YOU and I am asking myself, because the only way God is dead is if we killed him, inside us, in our hearts!

But I’ve seen God this morning, on the top of the hill I ran, behind my country house, on the snow that met the blue sky, and I felt I can grow wings and get to him, but I did not need to because he was already with me!!!

I see God in my mom, when she is always putting everyone else before her needs, and when I ask her, why don’t you think about you first sometimes, she is saying : “how can I?”

I see God in the laughter and smiles of children that have never learned the accountancy of giving.

I see God in the old people’s eyes, smiling away because they know!

I see God in the people that are giving what they don’t need to the people that are in need, I see God in the people that are sharing what they need with the ones that need it more, but I mostly see God in the people that are giving even what they don’t have, there where God always is!

Do I see God in church? I rather see the spirit of God in the rain, and the wind, in the sunrise, and when the birds are singing, in the sun streams light into my window, I see God more in people’s hearts!

I see God in you people here, when you are saying the nicest things to a complete stranger like me!

What about you, do you still see God around you and where?

140 thoughts on “Is God really dead?

  1. funnyphilosopher says:

    I believe based on personal experience, but why should someone else take my word for it? How do they know I’m trustworthy? Therefore, intellectual argument is necessary to convince skeptics. I’m not trying to save anyone’s soul, but I want them to know truth and be enriched through it.

  2. Lukraakvars says:

    Hey thank you for the like, I loved this post of yours. There is a guy I heard speaking on the presence of God and he said that he even felt God’s presence in frying an egg… makes no sense and total sense at the same time. Good luck with your 10K run this Saterday 😉

  3. bloomlisa says:

    I loved this post, eloquently written and connected to our life experiences. Thank you:) And thank you for visiting my blog earlier today as well. Happy running!!

  4. darrelclouse says:

    That is a wonderful thing to read. God IS with us and alive in our hearts, minds, and souls. Thank you whoever you are and wherever you came from! I did not expect to read something like this inspiration. Thanks…….I wish my younger brother Jeffrey had read this on a particularly bad day ten years ago. To the author of this: you never know whom you may be inspiring at any moment with a smile or good cheer. Keep it up! You are doing a good thing! Thanks!

    1. H! says:

      Thank you very much, you are right, and it came from my heart and I think that’s what people need to read sometimes, things from the heart!:)

    1. H! says:

      Wow, impressive indeed! You are proof that you can do anything if you want to! Thanks for coming here, hope you’ll come back!

  5. tayks says:

    I saw God in a woman, a daughter, on Easter Sunday, sitting next to her very old mother, with her arm around her through the entire mass, and a great big smile on her face. She looked over at her mother many times and stretched her smile further, each time. Her brother was on the other side of her mother, and every time he said something to his mother, the daughter stared in admiration, smiling so deeply. She was very in touch with God, it was so obvious and humbling. Wonderful post.

  6. takelight says:

    Very elegantly put. Isn’t it so lovely to know? To know and feel.

    Word God has almost become a cliche in present times. But to someone with the understand as you shared, how refreshing every moment is. Good post.

  7. JJBollOX says:

    OK let me start with a little controversy: I do not believe.
    I do not, cannot disbelieve that something that I cannot show otherwise ‘may’ exist. There is more evidence for existence than against it. Is that something the God of bibles or the various religions? It doesn’t matter. Is there reason for belief? Sure. Faith in something, in things in ourselves and each other however we may find it and cloak it, dress it up and give reason.
    Reason enough lies in your beauty, the beauty and giving of your words and photographs; in your sharing and as you so eloquently describe sharing. This is in all of us and I pray that one day we will all hold it, cherish it, use it and share it as you do 🙂

    1. H! says:

      There is no controversy, everything you said here is a proof that what I called God, you can call it whatever, exists, and it is in you as well. a lot! Thank you for leaving your mark here! 🙂

  8. sheila says:

    I see God when I hand a candy to a child and she says ”God bless you” . I totally agree with you, our relationship with God should not be only on Sundays when we go to church

  9. Bob says:

    I don’t believe we can see God, at least not with our human eyes. What most claim to be evidence of God, such as the things you described, i believe are evidence of God’s echo – His Spirit influencing ours and that of Nature to reflect Beauty and Unconditional Love. But if that is true then God’s echo must also be present in the Storms, Earthquakes, Tornados and other ‘Natural’ disasters, For if God is all powerful and to be feared then He is a part of those also, not just on the beautiful we see.

    I think the closest man has come to ‘seeing’ God is when we take pictures of space. In those images we come closest to seeing Infinite Splendour and Complexity. Beyond our weak human ability to completely comprehend and yet all working continuously and in perfect harmony and ‘controlled’ by comparatively simple basic laws; virtually timeless and immeasurably vast. Beautiful and terrible at the same time. Awesome to behold.

    And us and our entire planet but an insignificant part of the Whole, yet without a single one of us it would be less.

    If that does not describe God i don’t know what does.

  10. gpicone says:

    He did die…but he got better! Seriously though, I do understand what you are saying and I agree but I often wonder if those feelings that I have are simply a product of my happy and fortunate life. How do others feel and see god when they know nothing but poverty, hunger, ruin and war?

  11. lessonsbyheart says:

    Sadly, I “see” God far more often in the things you’ve spoken of here than in a church. “Religion” killed God for many.

    Hopefully they will discover a relationship with Him, instead of just rules, for He is amazing. His desire is what Adam and Eve had in Eden before they decided to be “like God…” the greatest lie ever told. They walked with Him and talked with Him. We can too.

    How have I personally seen God? I saw Him when my back – injured from a head-first dive from a high board – was instantly healed.

    I see Him every time I look at my oldest son who is a dental tech for the Air Force. I almost died from bone marrow suppression when I was pregnant with him. Because of oxygen deprivation there was no doubt that he would be born mentally disabled from brain damage. Instead, he is a wonderful husband and father to two great kids.

    I see God in the changes in me – from a self-centered know-it-all, the god of my universe (which no one else was willing to go along with – strange how that works!), who was addicted to alcohol and bad relationships, who used and manipulated everyone…

    …to a person who genuinely loves and cares for others, and demonstrates that love by volunteering with the homeless, the hopeless, the “unlovely” in the world. It’s been 28 years since my last drinking binge, and I’ve been married for 18 years (after 3 failed marriages!). I’ve become a very different person – and not through my own efforts of self-improvement. Those failed miserably – and only served to make me more self-centered than ever.

    Don’t misunderstand. I am not nominating myself for the “most perfect person in the world” award. I still have such a long way to go. Without God, though, I have no hope.

    Thanks for this post. I appreciated the opportunity to take a stroll down Memory Lane and recall all the things (and countless more – I could write whole books on how I’ve seen God) I have to be so very thankful for.

    \ 🙂 /
    Praising Jesus!

    1. H! says:

      I absolutely love your comment, thank you very much for sharing with us, I am so glad that God has been with you through your journey, and still is and stay with you forever. I cannot agree more with what you said “and not through my own efforts of self-improvement. Those failed miserably – and only served to make me more self-centered than ever”, so so true, all this egocentric, selfish movement can be such a trap! Thanks&LOVE! 🙂

  12. rgayer55 says:

    Great post, H! God is not hard to find. People just have to open their eyes.

    God never walked away from man, but we have certainly walked away from Him.

  13. Argus says:

    Let’s enjoy the world, yes—but let us not attribute it to a guy who can’t die (mainly because he was never born).

  14. A night in with Nelly says:

    This blog describes exactly how I feel when I am walking my dog Alf around the fields by where I live, and the sun is shining, and the breeze is just right and I can see a scrillion butterflies settling on the long grass, everywhere I look. There is no doubt to me that God is very much alive! Thanks for visiting my blog today and love from the UK. 🙂

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