Breaking up!

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That’s it, I had enough, I am done, I am sick and tired of this toxic relationship I have, I have finished my unfinished business with you my dear PAST and I am breaking up with you my dear FUTURE! Good-bye, and NO, we cannot still be friends!
It’s you, not me…I mean it’s me, not you… hmmm. So I’d like to help you out. Now which way did you come in?

And yes I’m taking her with me, I AM, my mind is coming with me, no discussions about it!!

But my dear past I’m leaving you all my sorrows, and you can keep my regrets as well, you can even have my fears and nostalgia!

MR. Past I am also happy to leave you my mistakes, you can have them all, and keep them forever, I will only take memories, but don’t be upset if I won’t dwell on them … and even from that you can keep some!

As for you Mr. Future you were never there for me, but always promise to come, so I’m giving you all my expectations, and projections, I’m giving you my hopes, you can have all my plans, and my anxiety, and we are not friends anymore!

I have to break off. I’ve been seeing someone else and they told me I had to choose, so I’d like you to meet PRESENT…. your replacement!

I am in love with the Present and this is where I want to be and I take my mind with me, and my life is going to happen there as well!! And I vow to live fully in each moment because it will never happen ever again, never, never in all infinity, and I’ll love myself in it, in the very moment, and I will be the moment !

My days will not anymore be a bridge from the past to a “better” future, no more running from yesterday to tomorrow, no more crying for the vast past, no more fear for the infinite future!

Just here, just now, without understanding, without analyzing, without waiting for something else …just synchronizing my soul with life, and listening to her wonderful tune!!

The smell of my fresh washed hair, the taste of coffee in this morning, my husband kiss, now that’s life, and is amazing and it feels very, very good!
Much better than any promised future, and much better than any gone past!

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155 thoughts on “Breaking up!

  1. lsgrlr says:

    Nice! The present is where we all need to be. It is where our past and our future collide. This was so much fun to read (and totally true). Also I agree 100% with your tag line, the world can be an amazing place when you are slightly…strange.

  2. Eagle Tech says:

    Spectacular! You’re making the right move. MR. PAST is awfully self-centered, always thinking everything is about him anyway. All that constant dwelling. You needs it? And MR. FUTURE? Unreliable. Always making these promises, but where is he when the time comes to produce? Always somewhere else, always making more promises. A terrible procrastinator, he always wants to do the important things later. MR. PRESENT is always there, always by your side, through thick and thin. Stick with him.

  3. grizyeti says:

    I love this post. I wish I could let go of my past, I already ignore the future but I dwell far too much on days gone by. How did you manage to stick with this amazing approach? You make it sound amazing but it cannot have been easy?
    Are there tricks to existing in each moment and only there?

    Thank you for sharing this uplifting message, I enjoyed being in your moment for a quick second.

  4. dbubble12 says:

    LOVE this post, imagery, everything. I am going to read it again in an attempt for it to help me let go of parts of my own past. You are a beautiful, strong writer. I am now a follower of yours.

  5. Heather says:

    I LOVE this post! You always think about getting rid of the past, but not the future and you are right, we need to live more in the NOW. The present! Be the best you can be TODAY and you don’t have to worry about tomorrow. Thank you for this post, it was a great reminder and eye opener 🙂

  6. zeze57 says:

    thx for your visit 🙂 Nice flow in which you take us here. And i just can agree; there only is the Now ; at least it’s the only moment we can be certain of and it’s the only place where we live. Which doesn’t mean we have to forget about the next generation …,but life happens here !

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this post. I’m on that bridge and I can’t seem to get across. It’s really a heavy burden, both past and future. I should get some inspiration from you again.


    i am new on wordpress so i have been reading blogs to get inspired… and i really loved this.. kicking past and punching future.. and just living for today…i mean that is what life is life is just a set of all todays we had!.. we can make our everyday better hehe

  9. Saronai says:

    Needs a love button. Based on advice I’ve heard before (let go of the past, don’t live for the future, stay in the present; very buddhist too), but you put it in such a highly entertaining way with such energy and zest that you bring the advice to life on the blog page.

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading it, gonna share it on Facebook and twitter now! Also, thanks for the like on my post, I appreciate it!

  10. I-F-D-L says:

    Thank you for liking my blogpost – so I could find yours. Very positive thoughts you have!
    Yes, you are so right – we always should try to live in Here and Now and try to be yourself. The past is gone forever, we all have some things that we should let go off to keep our heart open for the future. We can make a new decision on each day, whatever we will be for the rest of our life. I very appreciate your sights and condition, your way of life – keep on blogging, keep on with your motivational words and thoughts!


  11. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Superb post ,we struggle day by day ,love and hope make thing better.Regards.jalal

  12. julienmatei says:

    Just love the way you put this:

    As for you Mr. Future you were never there for me, but always promise to come, so I’m giving you all my expectations, and projections, I’m giving you my hopes, you can have all my plans, and my anxiety, and we are not friends anymore!”

    Such a statement you make to the Universe 🙂

  13. the constant opinion says:

    Well….it works in theory and I know I have believed this in the most important moments of my life. That’s what it is for: the momentary crisis. Sustaining this ideal has never worked for the greatest of minds and souls. It’s like saying a rosary or taking a Xanax.. Makes it of no less value! I just think hitching our wagons to these sentiments as a way of life is a recipe for failure and, for many, the inevitable shame of having failed again. Ok, I think I have secured my position as asshole of the post!

    You are a lovely chick aren’t you….

    1. H! says:

      It’s not about failing or achieving ideals at all, it is about letting go on the judgement and thinking and just being! But I am sorry to dissapoint you, you haven’t achieve any positions 😉 especially not the asshole one…. I love having people expressing their opinions and I’d be worried if we will all agree! So thanks for your comment and feel free to come back, maybe if you try harder you will achieve that position (just joking) 🙂

  14. taylorthe420sailor says:

    I absolutely love this:
    “My days will not anymore be a bridge from the past to a “better” future, no more running from yesterday to tomorrow, no more crying for the vast past, no more fear for the infinite future!”
    As a 20 year old, a lot of things scare me and the future is a frightening mystery. I love your release of the power that the future holds over you – bring on the present.

  15. roamintwin says:

    I wish that everyone would move towards the future in the present instead of lagging back into the past! I am nearly 23 and so many people I know are still stuck in high school…even people my mom’s age!

    There is nothing wrong with reminiscing, but focusing on the past as the “glory days” and the “best days of your life” is absurd.

    Thank you for this. I am not alone in my thinking. Phew!

    1. taylorthe420sailor says:

      I like to think of it a different way too: my best days and glory days have yet to come! No reason to lag into the past.

  16. Thai says:

    Last week I got choked by the past and mocked by the future so I chose the present for the first time in my life. Thanks for making not feel crazy!

  17. funnyortragic says:

    This is a philosophy I try to adhere to…unless I want my husband to do the dishes. Then I’m all about telling him about that last 2 years of cleaning I’ve done as adequate leverage. 😛

    1. H! says:

      I must admit…you are a clever one….ha ha ha….very good approach…. I will definately take it into consideration, thanks for sharing with us 🙂

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