Must Have – positive thinking!


If I sit at home doing nothing all day but POSITIVE THINKING, and read positive quotes, there’s one sure thing I’ll  have growing, MY ASS!!!

Seriously now, aren’t you sometimes tired of people that always have an advice for everyone (just look on your facebook wall), and they are always trying to make you better, trying to “fix” you?

 It’s nothing wrong with me or my life, I don’t need to be fixed, thank you very much!!!

Or aren’t you tired of  people  showing off how happy and successful they are, faking the  social self-orgasm, deluding themselves that they can have whatever they want just by thinking of it!!??

It’s more or less like believing in GOD isn’t it? Positive Thinking – a new fashionable religion as God is so old fashion, isn’t it?

I’m bad, I’m bad I know…I am negative right now and “negative people suck” right, that’s coming from a positive person that always talks about how negative the people around and the world are, hahahahaha ….  “I hate negativity”- did you hear this one? 

I am the first to say that I would love to see more smiles, more laughter, more hugs, more happiness… but one thing I don’t like to see more is stupidity and selfishness!!! 

And you know what, I like being happy, I am happy, but I am not going to  shove this in the faces of people that are not as fortunate as I am, I am not deserting my friends when they’re down, because I should “surround myself with successful people”, I am not going to pretend bad things don’t happen around me, because I “focus on positives” ( the starving kids in Africa won’t stop starving just because I don’t think about them, but hmmm…. maybe they attracted that upon them by being negative ) ahhh why did I bring that one up, nobody wants to hear it!!!

Or maybe instead of doing anything I should sit home thinking about a big penis all day, because “my mind can make all things real for me”. Maybe I should try it!!!

Ok, ok I don’t accept all the fashionable bamboozle, without being critical , I am not going to try to fix any hint of sadness I ever get with determination, BUT what do I do instead, am I going to be negative? Am I going to feel bitter and angry ….NO, NO, NO ….

 I’ll tell you what I do, I enjoy every single second of my life, even though I’m not always being madly happy and positive because:

Sometimes I’m sad as sometimes I’m full of joy!

Sometimes I cry as sometimes I laugh!

Sometimes I’m disappointed as sometimes I’m grateful!

Sometimes I’m down as sometimes I’m up!

Sometimes I’m nostalgic as sometimes I am content!

Sometimes I’m tired as sometimes I am full of energy!

Sometimes I want to be on my own as sometimes I love to be surrounded by people!

Sometimes I even am POSITIVE, I am telling you, like the other day when I had broccoli and cabbage all together in my salad at lunch and then I had to go queue for some papers, my positive thinking saved the day, PT got into action, my brain started to send me positive signals “I’m sure is not a smelly one”, I was focusing with all my determination on the positive side, “I am sure nobody will notice”, just this time, was it helpful??? Absolutely, a few people in front of me even left the queue, so thanks to my positive thinking I’ve got it done faster, so yes positive thinking helps!!!.


113 thoughts on “Must Have – positive thinking!

  1. T.S. JARMUSZ says:

    Hi, thanks for following my blog. I find you quite witty.

    It’s strange, the whole positive thinking philosophy. I was listening to Chopra in my car and he said, “Everything is as it is right now because that is what the universe intended for you.”
    Coincidentally I was stuck in traffic, moving a breakneck 8 miles an hour and boxed in between two semi’s. I thought “Really??? If this is the the grand plan, than count me out or give me a redo cause this is fucking bullshit Deepak.”

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