Flying cows running in panties!

Did I tell you before how great I am…. –I did!!! Many times???
Ok, ok but I am not going to waste an opportunity, am I?
Anyway, besides that I am also a … amateur runner… not only because I run away from boring people all the time, but I can run 10 km in under 42 minutes, and this year I will get under 40 min, seriously, especially if I will be able to stop the Kenyans running behind me when I train, to get in front, and believe me that’s difficult even if I’m only talking about my imagination, and sometimes I have to use very dubious tricks, I’m telling you, like some of them (the Kenyans…what were you thinking) are riding flying cows, or lions or some other times they run in a different parallel universe where the time slows down in my advantage of course. Was right who ever said that your mind is the most important “muscle” to train for running; I would say imagination is second!!!!
Anyway, sometimes when I go to races I think I didn’t train all that time just to come here and get it over with as fast as I can, did I? Come on… I want people to see me, to point out and say…. haa look what it says on her t-shirt!! Ahhh no this is what the sponsors want …not me!!! But …I have no sponsors!
Moving right along, at the last marathon I’ve been, been only a spectator that was, doing what a spectator do best… “spectating” – I mean watching, encouraging or even making sure the police stops the traffic when the runners come –check me out here-

With the corner of my eye I SAW her, I did, I am telling you, flying down the street like the mermaid in the dreams of 10 men lost on a deserted island, full of chimps for the last 5 years, and did she ran well ….. ohh she did, all eyes hypnotized by her tight panties on her round, firm butt, glowing in the light like the rosy cheeks of a baby in a chilly morning…. there she was…and she was real, and she was running!!!
And me … no I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me, it was my friend, I can still hear her voice in my ear!!! – We should do the same next year!!! Do what darling…running? Running in panties….!!! Next year …aha…
Three hours later, the race was finished, so were our last 20 drinks, we HAD a plan!!! And the first step: to find out how are those tiny minuscule panties she was wearing called! We didn’t find out yet so any help much appreciated, I’ll post a picture of her here to help:
So this is my objective for 2013, clear, specific, realistic…. I know it might also sound futile, frivolous, negligible, but this is it, my objective for this year includes the word PANTIES!!! Don’t know about realistic though! Or maybe I still have time to change it, make it big…. big panties!!!!

So anyone can help me with the name for that disturbingly miniscule uniform she is wearing? If you don’t know it you are more than wellcome to come with your own ideas, maybe we will find one together!!!

162 thoughts on “Flying cows running in panties!

  1. kevmoore says:

    I reckon you’d run a faster time if you didn’t write so breathlessly! I’m exhausted just reading it! Regarding the panties…mmm…great idea in principle, but the orange knee socks just kill the whole vibe….fashion faux pas, much?

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha you’re right… next time when I run I’ll try not to write in the same time ;). Socks what socks… my eyes got stock higher than that! 🙂

  2. abvblogger says:

    ” like the mermaid in the dreams of 10 men lost on a deserted island, full of chimps for the last 5 years” With an imagination like that, you’re bound to keep beating your records!

  3. Chuck says:

    I’ve often referred to such outfits as “Pacesetters.” The men will line up “behind” the wearer, keeping pace, and an eye, on the butt before them. Often times, keeping pace with such a bikini-ed butt will result in a PR for the race. A lady doesn’t wear such dastardly duds unless she’s fit and firm enough to do so. Although, as another commenter said…the orange knee highs…not so much. LOL Thanks for the humor and I have no doubt you could easily be a Pacesetter yourself…if ever so inclined. 🙂

  4. Jerry says:

    Enjoyed the laugh and thanks for dropping in. Remember, wax and less thread means less wind resistance which calculates into more miles less fuel. 😉

  5. floridaborne says:

    Looks like a bikini bottom and a jog bra to me. Perhaps she got the under-rag from a discount store for a few dollars when someone stole the top? Then again, I tried running once. Got shin splints. I can, however, walk a 15 minute mile. A cow could walk faster. In bikini bottoms. Guess it means my part of this discussion doesn’t count. 🙂

  6. Overheard Productions (Billy FJ Quinn) says:

    I’m a little unfit just now, but I’m on track to start bringing my weight down and get back to my passion: the Sydney City to Surf. 14kms from the CBD out to famous Bondi Beach, much of it uphill including the infamous ‘Heartbreak Hill’, 1km of sheer, slow rise. And the half way mark of the run hits and — you’re still going up!

    I’ve run it — oh, in American that’s a tick under 10 miles, by the by — I think. Let’s see. 368 feet to the litre, 42kms in a tonne. Look, I’m guessing at best.

    I’ve run it start to finish five times and my best time was when I went out and got hammered the night before and had the breakfast of champions the next morning under the golden arches.

    True story.

    So, here comes the point. I want to get buff enough to run in the Borat mankini my son bought for me some years ago.

    We’re gonna need a montage…

    1. H! says:

      Ha ha ha…. you are funny!!! But now seriously, no matter how fit you get, DO not wear mankini! Be happy with the breakfast for champions stuff!!! 😉

  7. Laura Hedgecock says:

    Thanks for stopping by memories in the wind. I can’t relate–I am well aware that how good I look is directly proportional to how much clothes I wear. (How tight they are is a variable too.) But good for you!

    Seriously, this was a funny post. Look forward to reading more …

    Laura Hedgecock

  8. Pia says:

    I can’t help thinking if they’re not “just right”, you’ll be running a marathon with a wedgie…. Or having to pull it back out every few minutes which is also not very charming. 😉

  9. Nancy Pilling says:

    Well, I recall first seeing this style on Flo Jo (Florence Joyner). It has become quite popular for elite athletes. Hell, I resemble a Clydesdale when I run. Not a small woman at all am I, but if you’ve got an ass like this little filly, then run with it 🙂

  10. Elizabeth Yalian says:

    You ere a funny lady! I believe the entire goal of the one running is 1. Show off her fit bod, 2. Distract other runners, 3. Gain publicity by drawing attention. Enjoyed your humor.

  11. Mainman Chay says:

    Well I have seen some women something close to this here in the Philippines. Although skimpy shorts instead of (panty-shorts? But they’re too small). Everytime the host goes “Please make sure your bib is attached in front of you.” I keep thinking, “What about her?!? WHAT ABOUT HER?!?”

    And everytime I’m amazed at the creativity of how they attach it.

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